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Carpet in Lancaster, SC

Adding instant comfort, color, and texture, carpeting is the perfect addition to many of our everyday spaces and is considered by many to be the ultimate way to floor. While there once was a time when carpeted floors weren’t suitable for every family or space, modern innovations have given us carpeting that’s equipped with amazing durability, stain-resistance, and in some cases, waterproofing abilities.


At Williams Flooring Carpet One Floor & Home in Lancaster, South Carolina, we can help match you with a carpet that fits your every desire and need, whether you’re seeking a plush addition to your bedroom, or a heavy-duty rug for your front foyer. With options available in all the trending looks, we have carpeting designed to comfortably coexist in all settings, even if you happen to be a parent or a pet-lover. Understanding the different carpeting varieties will go a long way in ensuring your long-term satisfaction. Here’s a handy guide to the many carpeting types you’ll encounter in our showroom. We also encourage you to browse our carpet selection online.


What Are the Different Types of Carpet?


Which type of carpeting is right for you? Now is the time to do a thorough evaluation of your lifestyle, needs, and décor tastes. Do you suffer from allergies, or are you situated in a climate where humidity is the norm? Or, maybe you’re someone who’s planning a larger family, or likes to host holiday gatherings? Understanding these unique needs will help you along your journey.


Types of Carpet Fibers


Your new carpet’s fibers play a large role in ensuring function and texture. The five major types of fiber you’ll encounter are nylon, polyester, olefin, triexta, and wool.



Carpet Piles


In addition to the type of fiber, you’ll also encounter a wide range of carpet piles, including low, medium, and high-piles. Low pile carpets are fast-drying, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. Meanwhile, high pile carpets are cozy and warm. We also have cut pile carpets, which have the fibers sheared at the end, while loop-piles re-fold into the backing to create elegant hoops. Cut-loop carpets feature a combination of these two techniques, resulting in varied, multi-dimensional textures and patterns.


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Although carpeting should generally be avoided in your bathroom or kitchen, there really aren’t any other areas where carpet can’t be considered. A soft, velvety plush adds elegance and warmth to bedrooms, while a durable synthetic or patterned carpet will hold strong in your hallways, stairs, or family room. There are stain-resistant carpet varieties for busy households with dogs and little kids, as well as heavy-duty carpets that add beauty and reliability to commercial areas.


Our Carpet Selection


We’re proud to be members of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest independent flooring store cooperative. Offering you the purchasing power of over 1,000 other respective stores, along with the localized services you’d expect from a local small business, we give you the chance to experience the best of both worlds. We carry all of the leading carpet brands, as well as some Carpet One exclusive brands you won’t find anywhere else.




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Carpet Care

Keeping up with regular carpet cleanings is an important step in ensuring a long, beautiful life. Here are a few expert tips to maintaining your new carpeting and extending your enjoyment.
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