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Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring

We spend a large portion of our lives in our workplace, making it all the more essential to create an environment that’s not only comfortable, but conducive to productivity and harmony. Indeed, your new floor will set the tone for your entire space. Fortunately here at Williams Carpet One Floor & Home we offer up an ample inventory of both hard surface and soft surface flooring options suitable for all types of commercial uses. 


As your trusted experts on commercial vinyl, carpet tile, carpeting, and more, we can handle it all- and no project is too big or too small. Whether you’re tackling a complete property overhaul, or simply looking to give business a little boost, let us guide you throughout the process. 



Commercial vs. Residential Flooring

Designed to look quite similar, the differences between commercial and residential grade flooring typically rests beneath the surface. Both flooring families offer up all the latest styles- however, the latter is designed and engineered for heavier usage. Commercial-grade flooring tends to be a lot denser and can handle hard usage. It holds its own against heavy foot traffic and won’t dent from heavy furnishings or equipment. 



Our Commercial Flooring Projects

At Williams Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re proven players on the commercial flooring field, and our team of product experts and designers has completed a wide range of impressive flooring projects over the years. Our recent commercial flooring installations have included a front foyer, fellowship hall, and nursery in a local church, as well as the flooring in our local city hall. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 



Commercial Flooring Options

Are you looking to give your business a brave, new look? Our onsite commercial flooring experts can help you find the perfect products and styles to suite your vision and needs. Here’s a brief overview of the commercial flooring products you’ll find in our showroom. 



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Commercial Carpet Tile

For rooms subject to some of the heaviest traffic, carpet tile is flexible, attractive, and easy to care for. Carpet tile is especially popular in offices, lobbies, and commercial dining rooms. 



Commercial Carpeting

Who doesn’t love the look and feel of carpeting? Carpeting’s commercial counterparts are equally stunning, but also offer some amazing added features, including reinforced pile that resists stains, wear, and footprints.



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Commercial Vinyl

If you love the look of a hard-surface floor, our commercial-grade luxury vinyl flooring lets you incorporate the look of hardwood and stone, while ensuring your floor is fit to take a daily beating.







Our Commercial Installations




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